Welcome to Minerva Polytechnic Diploma Engineering College
Location Vill- Amrita Kundua, P.S.- Nabagram, City- Berhampore, Dist- Murshidabad, W.B., Pin- 742136,

Administrative Officer Message


There was a time when survival depended on just the realization of physiological needs. We are indeed privileged to exist in a time when 'intellectual gratification' has become indispensable. Information is easily attainable for the soul that is curious enough to go look for it. Technological boons enable information availability anywhere anytime. The difference, however, lies between those who look for information and those who look for knowledge.

It is deemed virtuous to serve seekers of knowledge and as educators it is in the ethos at Minerva Polytechnic Diploma Engineering College to empower every learner who chooses to enter our arena. Driven by our founding philosophy of Knowledge is power', we believe in building a community of perpetual learners by enabling them to look beyond their abilities and achieve what they assumed impossible.

For any institute, the structure of excellence lies in the transitional abilities of its faculty and its facility. I'm always in awe of the efforts that our academic board puts in to develop the team of subject matter experts at Minerva Polytechnic Diploma Engineering College. My faculty colleagues understand our core vision of empowering our future generation to be ethically, morally and intellectually elite. They practice the art of teaching with a student-centered and transformational approach. The excellent infrastructure at the institute, both educational and extra-curricular, magnificently demonstrates the importance of ambience in facilitating focused learning for our students.

Sustainable development and inclusiveness are our main mottos. The structure of our courses is primarily learner-centric and they offer great flexibility whereby the students have more choices to opt for disciplines of their liking and potential. We also understand that the learning levels of different students differ and in the conventional university patterns slow learners either fail or are left out. In our University no student will be left out or left behind, we offer bridge courses, remedial courses and also greater flexibility in terms of time whereby a student may take more time to complete his degree.

I welcome you to Minerva Polytechnic Diploma Engineering College to join hands in laying the foundation of your future with values, wisdom and knowledge.

Amitava Majumdar

Administrative Officer,